I've been lucky to have had many opportunities to photograph in Asia, Europe and Mexico, New Mexico (30+years), the Pacific Northwest (15 yrs) and now Wisconsin.  I have worked in all camera formats, but favor infrared and high-speed B&W films for interpretive images.  All the B&W work displayed here until the end of 2021 is based on printing in my own darkroom, except for a few recent scans of color negatives.

Most of the work here is from living on Whidbey Island in Washington State with forays far afield. The journey goes on starting in 2022 in Madison Wisconsin. My emphasis is still with B&W film, but now via scanning of the film for digital printing. The digital color is a byproduct of using a digital camera to set up lighting before exposing film.

Please Browse the site using the button to the left (or top, for mobile). My work is organized as Landscapes, Motorcycles, and various side projects - Waterfalls, Ghost Towns, you name it. New work in Wisconsin is starting to show in my Wisconsin landscapes area. More to come soon.

Today's featured image is of one of four 100-year Excelsior motorcycles making an epic ride from Madison to Florida and back. I followed and documented the occasion for 9 days of their trip.  Please click on the image to go directly to the story.

All of the images here are available for sale, except for a few by agreement with collection managers or private individuals. Please address questions or comments to john.olsen337@gmail.com.


1923 Excelsior

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