Before moving to the Northwest, I had many opportunities to photograph in Asia, Europe and Mexico, as well as in my long-term home state of New Mexico. I work in all camera formats, but favor infrared and high-speed B&W films for interpretive images.  Nearly everything displayed here is based on printing in my own darkroom.

Please Browse the site using the button to the left (or top, for mobile). My work is organized as Landscapes, Motorcycles, and various side projects - Waterfalls, Ghost Towns, you name it. Most of my new work in 2017-18 has been in the Waterfalls and Ghost Town areas, but I try to be open to all opportunities.

Today's featured image, "1926 Harley-Davidson JD Racer," comes up as I am reprinting some images that have sold out. My vintage motorcycle project started in 2010 and I found  this particular bike at the Deeley Motorcycle Exhibition in Vancouver, B.C in 2011. The Deeley people allowed me to bring in studio lights and digital and film cameras so I could give these beautiful bikes my "Industrial Glamour" treatment. This year, shooting at the Deeley for the fourth time I had the opportunity to shoot the left side of this same engine.  The Deeley continues to be a great resource for me!

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1926 Harley-Davidson JD Racer

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